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About Us

SW1 is the first of its kind! A stunning Beauty/Cafe concept that can be found within the heart of Hyde Park. SW1 is a one-stop, pampering destination. Enjoy celebrity treatment, all under one roof, when you walk into SW1. A nice warm cup of 100% Arabica coffee to go with a scrumptious, artisan bread sandwich.

SW1 has a unique, non-salon atmosphere. We wanted to ensure a relaxed and natural feel instead of the factory-like buzz we’ve all come to associate with a hair salon. London-style tiles catch your eye when you walk into the shop. Reclaimed wood is the basis for all the furniture, to add to the organic feel, and tasteful antique chairs tie in naturally with our beautiful, unique concepts and surrounding images. We guarantee a truly ‘feel good’ experience!

We definitely didn’t trade a factory-like buzz in for a quiet space, we love the chatter of people engaging in all sorts of talk and we ensure that there is always something funky playing in the background.

Enjoy a day of beauty, laughs and great food with SW1 and we’ll have you looking and feeling red-carpet ready.